Unmask 4-year-olds in NYC NOW!

The Harm is FAR GREATER Than The Alleged Help Action Alert! – Email NYC Mayor and Teacher Union Boss From TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Copy and paste the below post in an email to all of the following email addresses: Mayor De Blasio, NYC Schools Chancelor Meisha Porter, UFT President Michael Mulgrew , City Council SpeakerContinue reading “Unmask 4-year-olds in NYC NOW!”

Mainstream News Outlets Cover TEACHERS FOR CHOICE New Lawsuit

by Michael Kane 3-13-21 The NY POST, Daily News, and 1010 WINS have all reported on TEACHERS FOR CHOICE most recent lawsuit challenging NYC’s mandatory in-school COVID testing regime. None of the reports mention TEACHERS FOR CHOICE. I know for a fact 1010 WINS and NY POST found out about the lawsuit from our reportContinue reading “Mainstream News Outlets Cover TEACHERS FOR CHOICE New Lawsuit”

Teachers For Choice Sues NYC DOE, Again

Attorney Michael Sussman is On the Case, Again We have raised all the money we need! by Michael Kane 3-11-21 Update 6-13-21: BUENO vs NYC DOE is still pending in court. Download and read all of the filed court briefs in the case HERE. Two NYC DOE employees placed on unpaid leave for refusing toContinue reading “Teachers For Choice Sues NYC DOE, Again”

Parent Letter Regarding Package Inserts for NYC In-School COVID Testing

3-5-21 The issue of Informed Consent for any-and-all medical procedures has been recognized to be a fundamental human right ever since the Nazi atrocities during World War II. This means every individual has the right to know all reasonable details of a medical procedure being performed on them or their children prior to consenting toContinue reading “Parent Letter Regarding Package Inserts for NYC In-School COVID Testing”

Fulgent Genetics Contract with NYC for In-School COVID Testing FINALLY Released

DNA Concerns Were Valid No Mention of Specimen Destruction by Michael Kane 1-26-21 After freedom of information requests, inquiries by mainstream journalists, numerous requests to public officials, and an administrative court appeal, New York City Health + Hospitals Corp. (NYC H+H) has released the contract they have with Fulgent Genetics governing in-school COVID testing. ThisContinue reading “Fulgent Genetics Contract with NYC for In-School COVID Testing FINALLY Released”

Fulgent Genetics Secret NYC Contracts Still Being Pursued – Now in Court

1-8-21 by Michael Kane A New York City law firm has just filed an administrative appeal to obtain the contracts between Fulgent Genetics and NYC Health + Hospitals for in-school COVID testing in NYC public schools. The firm filed a freedom of information request over 2 months ago. At that time, NYC H+H acknowledged the requestContinue reading “Fulgent Genetics Secret NYC Contracts Still Being Pursued – Now in Court”

Avoiding an Existential Teacher Union Crisis

Open Letter to UFT President Michael Mulgrew 1-6-21 To the Honorable Mr. Michael Mulgrew: My name is Michael Kane. I am a special education teacher, UFT member, and steering committee member for an emergency union caucus known as “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE.” I am writing to kindly request that we meet to discuss a coming existentialContinue reading “Avoiding an Existential Teacher Union Crisis”

KANE vs. NYC DOE has been Settled

Case Closed! by Michael Kane 12-28-20 The New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) agreed to a stipulation containing language written by our attorney, Michael Sussman, ensuring all specimens collected for in-person COVID testing will not be stored, used or copied in any way and will be destroyed once a COVID test result isContinue reading “KANE vs. NYC DOE has been Settled”

Refusing NYC In-School COVID Testing or Consenting With a Contingency

12-4-2020 Overall these forms are being rejected by the NYC DOE. That is why we are filing a lawsuit as early as Friday, December 11, 2020. Learn more about that lawsuit HERE. *** Below we offer two options for resisting ‘mandatory’ COVID testing in NYC schools for both staff and students (parents): (1) Signing yourContinue reading “Refusing NYC In-School COVID Testing or Consenting With a Contingency”