NY Teachers For Choice wants to thank legendary NYC Reporter Bob Hennelly for covering our concerns and litigation against the NYC DOE in his recent piece for Hennelly is a phenomenal reporter who knows how to be extremely effective at covering the nuance of critical political issues. Here is the section of hisContinue reading “ Covers TEACHERS FOR CHOICE”

Is NYC Headed for Biometric Digital Student Passports?

Digital Identity and the ‘Gamification’ of Education by Michael Kane 2-1-21 Fulgent Genetics billionaire CEO and founder Ming Hsieh also founded Cogent Systems, a biometric identification company eventually acquired by 3M. Fulgent is one of the laboratories under contract with NYC Schools to conduct in-school COVID testing. The agreement governing this testing between Fulgent andContinue reading “Is NYC Headed for Biometric Digital Student Passports?”

Is China Trying to Steal DNA from Americans?

60 Minutes Says YES, through BGI Group by Michael Kane 1-29-21 (updated 1-30-21) BGI Group is the world’s biggest biotech company and is accused to be expanding its COVID testing labs in order to steal DNA specimens from Americans, according to 60 Minutes. BGI is a Chinese company. In an odd parallel, the founder ofContinue reading “Is China Trying to Steal DNA from Americans?”

Fulgent Genetics Contract with NYC for In-School COVID Testing FINALLY Released

DNA Concerns Were Valid No Mention of Specimen Destruction by Michael Kane 1-26-21 After freedom of information requests, inquiries by mainstream journalists, numerous requests to public officials, and an administrative court appeal, New York City Health + Hospitals Corp. (NYC H+H) has released the contract they have with Fulgent Genetics governing in-school COVID testing. ThisContinue reading “Fulgent Genetics Contract with NYC for In-School COVID Testing FINALLY Released”

KANE vs. NYC DOE has been Settled

Case Closed! by Michael Kane 12-28-20 The New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) agreed to a stipulation containing language written by our attorney, Michael Sussman, ensuring all specimens collected for in-person COVID testing will not be stored, used or copied in any way and will be destroyed once a COVID test result isContinue reading “KANE vs. NYC DOE has been Settled”

NYC DOE Admits Sussman was Right

Temporary court ordered “stay” stops NYC Schools from barring teachers or students from buildings for not signing in-school COVID testing consent form UPDATE – This court ordered “stay” is no longer in place as the case has been resolved. Read about the settlement at following link: The below comes from our attorney Michael Sussman:Continue reading “NYC DOE Admits Sussman was Right”

Back to School After the Snow

But who can go? by Michael Kane 12-17-20 Our case of KANE vs. NYC DOE is not fully resolved yet, but our attorney feels confident things will resolve well for us. Please remember, our case never made any attempt to challenge the entire testing regime in NYC schools. Our case is narrow, and only focusesContinue reading “Back to School After the Snow”

Teachers And Parents Sue NYC DOE Over In-School COVID Testing

Kane et al vs. NYC DOE by Michael Kane 12-14-2020 Update, 12-30-20: This case has been recently settled. Read how HERE Today attorney Michael Sussman filed a complaint in New York State Supreme Court against the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) alleging privacy rights violations to both teachers and students forced toContinue reading “Teachers And Parents Sue NYC DOE Over In-School COVID Testing”

New York Teachers For Choice in the NY POST!

NYC DOE says teachers who refuse COVID-19 test will be removed from payroll 12-5-2020 NY Teachers for Choice would like to thank reporter Susan Edelman for covering our resistance to NYC in-school testing and Fulgent Genetics. Though we wish we had made it closer to the lead of the story, we are very grateful thatContinue reading “New York Teachers For Choice in the NY POST!”

Refusing NYC In-School COVID Testing or Consenting With a Contingency

12-4-2020 Overall these forms are being rejected by the NYC DOE. That is why we are filing a lawsuit as early as Friday, December 11, 2020. Learn more about that lawsuit HERE. *** Below we offer two options for resisting ‘mandatory’ COVID testing in NYC schools for both staff and students (parents): (1) Signing yourContinue reading “Refusing NYC In-School COVID Testing or Consenting With a Contingency”