NYSUT Says it Does NOT Support Mandatory Vaccination of Teachers



After about 6 hours of emails coming from TEACHER FOR CHOICE supporters today, NYSYUT sent us the following recording of President Andy Pallotta stating they do NOT support vaccine mandates for educators.

Here is a recording of NYSUT President Andy Pallota stating they do NOT support vaccine mandates for educators in New York.

Thank you very much Mr. Pallota for this, it is greatly appreciated.

I ecourage people to email Mr. Pallota thanking him for this public stance which he seems to have made on April 12, 2021. And tell him the COVID vaccine should not be mandatory for students either. – mk

Email — Andrew.Pallotta@nysut.org

Twitter — https://twitter.com/AndyPallotta @AndyPallotta


(Below is the original post and action alert we posted on the morning of June 3rd. Within 6 hours we received confirmation that yes, NYSUT President Andy Pallotta does NOT support forced vaccination of teachers. This is very, very good news).

A New York educator reached out recently informing TEACHERS FOR CHOICE of an email exchange they had with Gregory J. McCrea, the Assistant to the Executive Vice President of NYSUT (New York State United Teachers union). In the email McCrea explicitly states that NYSUT does not support a vaccine mandate for teachers.

This is good news!

However we need NYSUT President Andy Pallotta to back this up with a public statement. Making such a statement via email to one educator is not a firm position. Everyone needs to email Pallotta and reach out to him on his social media platforms, especially on Twitter.

Please do that RIGHT NOW, and cc nyteachersforchoice@gmail.com in emails and tag us on any tweets @teacher_choice https://twitter.com/teacher_choice

Here is Andy Pallotta’s contact info:

Email Andrew.Pallotta@nysut.org

Twitter https://twitter.com/AndyPallotta @AndyPallotta

Below is the email from Gregory McCrea

Thank you for the follow-up to our conversation last week.

NYSUT does not support a vaccine mandate for teachers. NYSUT is advocating for priority access to the COVID-19 vaccine for all members who choose to take the vaccine.

I hope this helps clarify our conversation. Please let me know if you have any other questions and please don’t hesitate to call me again at any time.

In solidarity,


Gregory J. McCrea

Assistant to the Executive Vice President

New York State United Teachers



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